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City Profile
Udaipur the city of dawn,Udaipur is a lovely land around the azure water lake,hemmed in by Thelush hills of the Arrivel’s . A vision in white drenched and beauty . Udaipur is a fascinating blend of sights,sound and experiences and inspiration for the imagination of poets,printers and writers. Its kaleidoscop of fairytale palaces. Lakes, temples, gardens and narrow lanes strewn whits ,carry the flavor of a heroic past, epitomizing velour and chivalary. Their in the placid waters of the lake pichhola is an enticing sight . Udapur is the jewel of mewar-a kingdom ruled by the sisodia fir 1200 years . The foundation of the city has an interesting lagened associated whit it , Maharana Udai Singh ,the founder ,was hunting one day when he met a holy man meditations on a hill over looking the lake pichhola . The hermit blessed the Maharana and advise him to build a place at this favorable located spot whit a fertile valley watered by the stream,a lake, an agreeable altitude and an amphitheatre of low mountains. Maharana followed the advise of the hermit and founded the city in 1559 A.D.
Overlooking the aquamarine expanses of the lake Pichhola stands the splendid city palace-a maravel in granite and marble . Of the original eleven gets of the Udaipur city,only five remain . The suraj pol the original or sun gate on the estern side is the main entrance to the city .Exquisite lake places of the Udaipur shimmering like jewels on lake pichhola are overwhelming in splendor . Several places of interest around Udaipur, including the majestic,Chittaurgarh,the mountain fortress of Kumbhalgarh , beautiful jain temple of Ranakpur ,Eklingji and Nathdwara and the cool retreat of Mt. Abu, make the visit to Udaipur a memorable one.
Travel and Communication
  • Airways:Beside Indian Airlines, some private airlines also connect Udaipur to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Jodhpur. Dabok Airport is 24 Kms from the city, with taxies available for transportation. I.A. connects Udaipur whit Bombay, Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Aurangabad.
  • Railways:Rail services are directly connected with major centers in the north & west like Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Chittaur, Jodhpur & Ahmedabad, Taxies, auto rickshawas & local buses are available at the Railway Station for local transportation. Enquiry Ph. No.131.
  • Roadways: Rajasthan state Road Transport corporation, operates buses which can be categorized as ordinary, semi-delux and deluxe, connecting Udaipur whit most of the tourist and business centers. Chauffer-driven air conditioned cars can also be hired from the state tourist and other approved operators. By road Udaipur to Ahmedabad 262 km, Mumbai 739 km, Delhi 670 km , Jaipur 407 km, Chittorgarh 115 km and Mount Abu 185 km. Regular bus services connect Udaipur to Ahmedabad , Chitorgarh , Eklingji , Falna , Jaisamad , Kankroli, Mt. Abu, Narthwara , Ranakpur & Rishabhdeoji.
  • General Information
    General Information Geographical Features
    River Baidach, Vakal, Som, Jakham, Sabarmati, Gomati & Kothari Area 37 sq. Km.
    Crops Wheat, MaltCarn, Guar, Pulses, Sugarcane, Cotton, Oil Seed, Rice, Tobbaco Altitude 577 metres
    Idnustries Sukher, Mewar, Rajnagar, Fathech Nagar ClimateSummer Max 38.3'C
         Min 28.8'C
    Dam & Lake Fatehsagar, Pichola, Swaroop Sagar, Udaisagar, Jaisamand Climate winter Max 28.3'C
         Min 11.6'C
    Minerals Copper, Mangniz, Mica, Marble, soap Stone, Lime Stone, China Clay Rainfall 61 cm
    Excursions Nagda & Eklingji, Gogunda Gateway to Everywhere, Ahad, Jagat, Jaisamand Lake, Chawand Pratap’s Capital, Rikhabdeo Language English,Hindi
    Art & Culture
    City Place:-
    Amajestic architectural marvel over the lake on a hill surrounded by crenellated walls. It is a conglomeration of courtyards. Pavilions, terraces, corri9dors, rooms & hanging gagdens.
    Jag Mandir:-
    In the middle of lake pichola is the island palace where prince Khurram (Shah Jahan) sougth refuge from his father, the Emperor Jehangir.
    This small ornamental garden was a popular relaxing spot where royal ladies came for a stroll & hence the name. The garden has many fountains in its four delightful pools, chiseled kiosks & marble emephants.
    Sajjan Garh:-
    Entry Fee Rs.80/- per car Orifinally intended to be an astronomical center, it later became a mansoon palace and hunting lodge. It affords a breathtaking view of the mewar countryside. Today, entry into the building is restricted.
    Fateh Sagar:-
    A beautiful lake, overlooked by a number of hills on the three sides and the pratap memorial on the north was built by Maharama Fateh Singh. In the middle of the lake is Nehru park –a lovely garden Island with a boat shaped café accessible by an enjoyable boat ride.
    Kankroli 64 Km, Eklingli 21 km, Haldighati 42 km, (RSTDC Rest House) Jaisamand Lake 50 kms, (RSTDC Hotel Jaisamand), Narthwara 42 kms, (RSTDC Hotel Gokul), Ranakpur 90 kms. (RSTDC Hotel Shilpi), Rishabhdeo 65 kms, (RSTDC Hotel Gauri).
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